14th December 2021

Fire Alarm Manufacturers We Use in the UK


At PHF Fire we like to work closely with UK Fire Alarm Manufacturers and have managed to build some great working relationships within the industry. We work closely with a small number of Fire Alarm Manufacturers in the UK that over the years have provided both reliable products accompanied with a high standard of support from sales through to technical support.

Fire Alarm Panels

UK Manufacturers We Use for Fire Alarm Detectors

We mainly use the following manufacturers for our fire alarm detection equipment. These following manufacturers and equipment are ranges that we have used over many years and still do when it comes to the design, install and maintenance of fire alarm systems.


Apollo Fire Detectors

We have used Apollo for many years and use a lot of their XP95, Discovery and Soteria ranges. All three of these ranges (XP95, Discovery and Soteria) have been used as part of fire alarm systems ranging from small addressable systems to large networked system. We have always found Apollo devices to be very reliable whatever the requirement of the project.

Apollo have always provided a very efficient service getting equipment to us quickly with great support from their sales team. We work very closely with Apollo, and we have been part of the Apollo Partner programme for many years.

Apollo Partner

Paul Faulkner being presented with our Apollo Partner certificate by Salvy Vittozzi from Apollo Fire Detectors Ltd.

Apollo Xpander Wireless Detectors

We also use Apollo Xpander detectors when there is a requirement for a fire alarm system consisting of wireless devices. The Xpander range comes with a radio survey kit that allows to fully survey and design a wireless fire alarm system at the quotation stage of the project.

We have used the Xpander Wireless range in many projects across the UK including pubs and old buildings where installing cabling will be problematic.

Fire Alarm Manufacturers - Apollo Xpander

Xtralis – VESDA

VESDA stands for Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus. This aspirating smoke detection equipment is something we have installed a lot over the years. We always work with Xtralis  and use the various aspirating detectors and consumables that they manufacture in the UK.

Xtralis have always provided support with design for projects of all sizes, and they also have some really helpful software for producing your own designs too.

UK Manufacturers We Use for Fire Alarm Panels

Fire Alarm Panels are an essential part of any fire alarm system. Ensuring that you use a reliable Fire Alarm Panel Manufacturer will benefit everyone from the installation and commissioning engineers to the end user. At PHF Fire we only use Fire Alarm Panels that we know we can rely on for installations of all sizes.

Advanced Fire Alarm Panels

Over the last 4 years we have worked very closely with Advanced as we designed, installed and commissioned a 102 networked fire alarm panel system at 22 Bishopsgate London. Both for very large and small projects Advanced can provide a fire alarm panel that will perform. The MxPro range of fire alarm panels offer a wide range of solutions that we as the installation company can rely upon and pass that assurance on to the end user following user training and handover.

Advanced MxPro Panels - Fire Alarm Manufacturer

Kentec Syncro Panels for Small Systems

For small fire alarm projects we often use a Kentec Syncro AS fire alarm panel. Kentec manufacture a wide range of fire alarm panels and we really like the Syncro AS panel for small 1 loop fire alarm installations. The big benefit of the Syncro AS panel is that you can have an enable key which offers easy operation for the end user. This also allows our staff to offer easy instructions over the phone to any of our fire alarm maintenance customers should they require any assistance.

Fire Alarm Manufacturers - Kentec Syncro AS Panel

UK Fire Alarm Manufacturers and PHF Fire

So, there you have the fire alarm manufacturers we use for our fire alarm installations in the UK. These manufacturers and brands have served us well for many years:

Fire Alarm Detection

Apollo Fire Detectors

Apollo Xpander Wireless Devices

Xtralis – VESDA

Fire Alarm Panels

Advanced Fire Alarm Panels

Kentec Syncro AS Fire Alarm Panels

When using PHF Fire you can expect a full LPS1014 and BAFE accredited service along with the best products that the UK fire alarm industry can offer.

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