15th May 2024

Nuclar Race 2024 #40yearstrading

40 years of trading meant only one thing for PHF Fire: rewarding the hardworking individuals who made it possible.


PHF Fire Lights Up the Nuclear Races with Team Spirit

Last weekend, PHF Fire brought the heat to the Nuclear Races, showing off their amazing teamwork and endurance. This event, known for its tough obstacles and muddy tracks, was the ultimate playground for bonding and team spirit.

With a fantastic turnout from our team, including some partners who jumped right into the action, the day became more than just a competition. It was about forging connections that last. The race itself was a wild ride, throwing challenges at us left and right, testing not just our muscles but our determination too.

“The Nuclear Races really bring out a whole new side of our team,” said Sam Faulkner. “It’s not just about being strong; it’s about having each other’s backs and tackling obstacles together.”

Despite the gruelling course—muddy pits, towering walls, and chains to crawl under—our PHF Fire crew kept their spirits high and their smiles wide. The muck and mess only fuelled the fun, adding a hilarious twist to the day’s challenges.

“It was amazing to see partners and teammates cheering each other on, powering through together,” said Laura Andrews, one of our teammates’ partners. “Mud has a magical way of bringing people closer!”

After all the excitement, the day wrapped up with a well-deserved celebration. We swapped stories, shared laughs, and basked in the sense of achievement together.

This event wasn’t just about the race; it was our way of celebrating PHF Fire’s 40 years in business and saying a big thank you to our hardworking team. While not everyone could make it, our team of 12 had an absolute blast.

And as we continue to dive into such awesome team-building adventures, the bonds within our team only get stronger. Here’s to many more muddy, marvelous memories, setting the stage for both professional and personal growth at PHF Fire.

Nuclar Race 2024 #40yearstrading
Nuclar Race 2024 #40yearstrading
Nuclar Race 2024 #40yearstrading
Nuclar Race 2024 #40yearstrading