28th June 2021

VESDA System Installation and Design by PHF Fire


At PHF Fire we have installed many VESDA systems over the years. Most recently we have undertaken VESDA System Installation works at 22 Bishopsgate, which consisted of 46 VESDA aspirating smoke detectors and all the associated pipe work installation and full commissioning. You may have a requirement for a VESDA system in your own property or as part of an upcoming project. Below you will find a helpful overview of what a VESDA system is and how it works.

VESDA System Installation

What Does VESDA Mean?

VESDA stands for Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus. And as the title suggests provides an early warning as part of a fire alarm system.

How Does VESDA Work?

A VESDA System Installation is a laser based smoke detection system that combines the use of a laser chamber in the detector with aspirating pipe that takes in air (similar to a vacuum cleaner) and then samples the quality of it inside the laser chamber.

Whilst VESDA is an Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) system, it is fair to say that it is recognised as the most advanced aspirating smoke detection system within the fire industry, holding more certifications than any other aspirating smoke detector in the world.

VESDA System Diagram

Where Can You Use a VESDA System?

A VESDA System Installation can be used as pretty much anywhere but over the years we have found it to be most useful for the following settings:

  • Warehouses where we can install the VESDA system at high level to ensure complete coverage.
  • Large ceiling void areas with good access.
  • IT/Server rooms.

Designing a VESDA System

PHF Fire working alongside Xtralis (the VESDA manufacturer) can provide a full design and quotation service for a VESDA System. We use the Aspire Pipe Network Design Software which is a Windows based application that allows us to calculate the specification and aspirating pipe networks for VESDA aspirating smoke detectors.

Maintenance of a VESDA System

Just like a standard fire alarm system regular maintenance of  a VESDA system is required throughout the year as part of a fire alarm maintenance package. Testing airflow levels, backup battery supplies and cleaning the aspirating pipe is all part of an effective maintenance package. PHF Fire currently provides planned maintenance to VESDA systems across East Anglia and throughout London. You can find out more about the fire alarm maintenance services we offer here.

VESDA System Installation and Design by PHF Fire

If you have an upcoming project that involves a VESDA System installation feel free to contact PHF Fire and we will be happy to assist you. From design to installation, commissioning and handover PHF Fire can deliver a high standard of service and ensure you get the VESDA System that effectively protects your building and the people inside it.