19 Storey Office Bock – One of many new buildings in the bankside yard development.


We are delighted to report that the Arbor Building at Bank Side Yard has now been completed to a very high standard. After two years of diligent work, the project has now reached practical completion and the Fire Alarm installation has been finalized. We take great pride in the design of the building fire systems, which incorporated energyefficient materials and practices to ensure sustainability.  We look forward to the positive impact that the building will have on the local area. PHF team and our partners at Advanced and Baldwin Boxall, have really pulled together to deliver a compliant well installed fire safety system. 

Arbor Building was a large project, below is the extent of what was installed. The system was delivered fault free and to schedule.  PHF Fire worked direct for Multiplex the main contractor of this project.

Location: London, UK

Client: Multiplex

Completion:  Completed

System Installed: Advanced with Apollo devices

Fire Alarm Equipment

12 x Advanced 4 loop Fire Alarm Panels with FT Network

35 x Loops

4 x PENNs special Built Panels including sprinkler and plant indication

Graphics Package

717 x Optical Smoke Detectors

29 x Heat Detectors

74 x Manual Callpoints

380 x Intelligent Input/Output units

778 x Loop Beacons

150 x Din Rail Switch Monitors

8 x 3 Channel I/O Units

3 x Vesda Panels


PAVA Equipment

8 x Baldwin Boxall Eclipse 5 PAVA Wall Mounted Racks

120 x PAVA Circuits

2 x Touchscreen Microphones

2 x Touchscreen Emergency Microphones

500 x 100v Line Speakers


Disabled Refuge/DDA WC Alarms

4 x 64 Way Baldwin Boxall Omnicare Plus Panels

2 x Omnicare Plus Touchscreens

21 x Advanced Disabled Refuge Unit

24 x Combined Fire Phone/Disabled Refuge

22 x DDA WC Alarms



Arbor Building
Arbor Building